Fields of Application:-
Our services and equipment cover wide field of Mineral fillers, Construction materials, Ceramics, Rubber, Paints, Paper, Electronics, Chemicals , Pharmaceuticals, Food Stuff , Agricultural products, Environmental protection, Solid waste recycling, Tobacco industry.
 Powder Processing:
  • Powder Processing.
  • Vibration Sieve.
  • Mechanical Sieve.
  • Medicine Mill.
  • Rotary Sifter.
  • Pulverizer.
  • Crusher.
  • Dedusting Filters.
  • Cyclones.
  • Silos.
  • Mixing Silos.
  • Powder Mixers.
  • Liquid Mixers.
  • Comminuting Machine.
  • Weighting and Proportioning Devices.


  • Dehydrator.
  • Dryer.
  • Steam condenser Plant.

  Material handling equipment:

  • Screw Conveyors.
  • Belt conveyors.
  • Vibrating Conveyors.
  • Pneumatic powder transport.

   Miscellaneous Equipments:

  • Rotary Airlocks.
  • Flapper Airlock.
  • Pneumatic Hummers.
  • Pneumatic Vibrators.
  • Electric Vibrators.
  • Bulk Level Detector.
  • Electric Float Level Detector.

  Tobacco Industry:

  • Constituted Tobacco Production Plant.
  • Tobacco Slurry Dryer.
  • Tobacco Reclamation Equipment.


We established highly cooperative relations with the Industrial community members . These individuals bring expertise in the areas of: Food technology development, chemical engineering, industrial design engineering, industrial and control engineering, quality assurance, industrial plant start-up and food industry incubator, management, domestic and distribution, business.