TID Profile

Technological and Industrial Development Company

TID Co. is a professional, multi-skilled, engineering and manufacturing organization.

Our activities cover

  • Process Instrumentation and Control.
  • Production Line development and design.
  • Project management.
  • Equipment Manufacturing.

We are specialized in

  • Processing Industries
  • Industrial Automation and Control Systems.
  • Energy Management

We provide safe cost effective, quality engineering solutions to fulfill the requirements of our customers, thereby providing greater value for money and reducing the lifetime costs .Our policy is to present to our customers optimum selections from available technologies which will lead to most relevant solution.
TID is committed to provide consistent technology support and effective services

Our Mission

is to establish high standard Design and Engineering facility capable of providing cost effective technological and manufacturing solutions
We focus on reducing cost, innovating design and manufacturing to deliver a high quality solution.
In addition we can redesign existing products to reduce both manufacturing time and cost. Practical experience and fundamental working knowledge of machine shop and fabrication practices enables us to create practical and economical products.

Fields of Application

Our services and equipment cover wide field of processing industries, chemicals , food, and agricultural industries, environmental Protection, and energy management

Projects List 

A- Instrumentation and Automation :-

  1. Development of Integrated animal feed plant for Garbia Mill
  2. Automation of animal feed production plant Meet Gamr
  3. Instrumentation &Automation of beverage production plant Alahram
  4. Instrumentation & Automation of soft drink cola Plant
  5. Instrumentation & automation of Alex reconstituted tobacco Eastern Tobacco
  6. Instrumentation & automation of Cairo reconstituted tobacco Eastern Tobacco
  7. Instrumentation and measurements of Total Oil processing Plant
  8. Design and implementation of Hydraulic Car parking system -Alex
  9. Design and supervision of Train Simulator –Cairo
  10. Design and implementation of Oil Tanker Simulator
  11. Design and Implementation of Ship Engine Room Simulator
  12. Design of automated sekarta reclamation line for Eastern Co,
  13. Design of automated slurry comminuting machine
  14. Design of automated wire mesh welding production line

B- Production Line Development

  1. Dehydration Plant for tobacco foil production Eastern Co.
  2. Electric and Gas Drying systems
  3. Superheated steam generation Plant
  4. Steam Condenser plant
  5. Fruit Sorting Plant
  6. Powder handling pneumatic system
  7. Material Handling vibrating system
  8. Finned Tubes production Line
  9. Tubes and profiles Coiling Machine
  10. Anti-pollution Dust collector Filter system
  11. Electronic weighing system.

C- Project Management

  1. Soft drink production line
  2. Traffic anti-collision control system
  3. Tanker simulator
  4. Diesel Engine Room ship simulator
  5. Train simulator for drivers training
  6. Development of regenerated tobacco production Plant
  7. Integrated management Information system for Garbia Factory
  8. Integrated management Information system for Phillips Factory
  9. Integrated management Information system for Alexandria shipyard

D- Industrial Equipment Manufacturing:-

  1. Displacement detector
  2. Powder processing equipment (Silos, Filters, Sieves, and air-locks,)
  3. Material Handling (vibrating conveyors ,pneumatic conveyors ,screw conveyors, and mechanical conveyors)
  4. Sheet metal slitting machine
  5. Pulverize machine
  6. Hummer mill
  7. Crusher
  8. Electric drying oven
  9. Powder –liquid Mixers
  10. Bread production equipment (dividers, flatteners, proofers, Gas-Ovens, kneaders , and dozing systems)

Research and Development :-
Our strength is due to the company’s structure, which consists of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and instrumentation & control Departments. We have long experience in R&D in the field of Industrial Equipment manufacturing, Process development, and Systems Integration.

Application :-

  • Process development
  • Production Plant Upgrading
  • Materials handling
  • Automation
  • Air pollution control
  • Environmental compliance


Our size allows us to provide a full range of engineering and support services without the bureaucracy common to much larger firms. This provides an environment that encourages creativity and productivity. In-housetraining programs, continuing education, regular performance reviews, and responsibility sharing provide us with industrious and motivated staff.
Our in-house resources are able to deal with the various aspects of each project, including:

  • Process design
  • Detailed design
  • Manufacturing drawings and Specifications.

Project management

For each project, a project team and a project manager are chosen from our staff in accordance with their skills and experience. Close communication between all members of the team is stressed to provide motivation and maximize work efficiency.

  • Planning
  • Cost estimating
  • Cost control
  • Scheduling
  • Procurement
  • Expediting
  • Construction management
  • Commissioning and startup