It is used to store solid materials (Bulk), and powder where a helical conveyor feeds the material from side to the silo where it is raised by the vertical conveyor.

The vertical conveyor also, stirs the material continuously through raising it from the middle opening to the top level. This prevents the material from adhering to the body wall of the silo or coagulating. The stirring is carried out also by the compressed air pulses through the opening in the periphery of the silo, also by the effect of vibrators and air hammers. The material is got out through a gate at the bottom of the conical part of the silo is 8 m3 and is stirred once every 10 minutes.



Body, cylindrical body & conical body

Drive group (Motor 18kw, gearbox)

Feed group (helical screw conveyor)

Delivery Group (Controlled as work needs)

Level indicator (controlled by feed and delivery)


It is made of steel and standard reliable components, the size and dimensions could be decided according to the needs.

We offer spare parts, special and standards as well as maintainace handbook and guarantee for one year.