General description:

The station contains tanks, equipment for preparing solutions. It composed of 2 vessels, one for mixing, other for agitating. These vessels are equipped with special pumps connected to pipe lines and the necessary valves, all are made of SS and it is subjected to standard specification concerning the surface finish, to avoid the bacteria generation. It could be manufactured from St.316


It mixes chemical powder with water to produce chemical solution with certain chemical and physical properties. It is provided with the main shaft and knife disc diameter 800mm, the motor 37 kw. It is equipped with electronic control unit to control the starting speed up and to guarantee the right working conditions and not to expose it to serious stresses during the starting and stopping (soft starter)

There exists in the tanks level measuring units and the flow rate.


Material: SS 304 with dished bottom

Motor: 37KW

Shaft speed: 450 rpm

Starting: with soft motor

Control: level control, upper and lower, flow rate.

Agitation tank

Purpose:  to Keep the prepared solution in a good condition ready for use for 24 hours, through continuous agitations of the solutions.


Material: SS 304 with dished bottom

Dimensions: diameter 1900 mm, Height: 2500 mm

Motor: 5.5 Kw

Speed: 60 rpm

It is connected with the mixer through piping, valves, pumps and the slurry machine through chemical pump and 3 phase valve.